Virtual mailboxes for digital nomads and portable small business

Many larger companies not only continue to use paper mail, but send money that way. Thus, digital nomads or address flexible small businesses may benefit from a paper mail to digital media conversion service known as a Digital Mailbox Service. Many companies offer services ranging from scan and email, to scan and store, scan and sync images to Dropbox or Google Cloud Storage, even forwarding services where they can forward the physical mail to your new Read more…

The ultimate entrepreneur reading list

Reading, for almost any entrepreneur in the world but perhaps Gary Vaynerchuk, is a big part virtually any success story. There are few places where a business owner can obtain a cheap, rapid education than reading books by successful entrepreneurs. And, it’s largely at someone else’s expense. Never make a mistake when you can study someone else that’s already made it. One of my favorite types of books are those that expose common missteps and Read more…

Crypto payment gateways

Cryptocurrency as a payment system, in most cases, requires a conversion to USD or some other localized fiat currency. However, there is a growing cryptocurrency based economy. These systems do one of each, or both accept and instantly convert cryptocurrency to a local fiat for bank deposits.