Direct to consumer lab services provide the answers we want without the red tape we despise. Waiting on your doctor to order labs can be time consuming. Doctor ordered labs can be expensive, and sometimes your insurance company discourages labs for curiosity sake.

It’s your blood and your money. Thanks to good old fashioned capitalism you can order your bloodwork direct from the same laboratories doctors and hospitals trust.

Are you wondering about that PubMed article about a new nutrient absorption problem that causes symptoms you’re experiencing? You want to take control of your own health and check your levels. The good news is, American consumers have a lot of lab services to choose from.

These service providers often simply resell the same big lab services your doctor or hospitals use.

QuestLabs and Labcorp provide most of the tests. The service companies can lower costs, streamline the ordering process, and often offer their own unique user interfaces to review and track lab results.

You have two options:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your doctor, wait, and ask politely for a test
  2. Contact a lab directly and schedule a draw and test results

Below you’ll find some options.

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