Jason Nunnelley considers privacy very important. This website is intended to offer value to its visitors. If your personalized data is collected, the purpose is to continue providing information to you and to contact you directly if you submit your contact information for that purpose.

Presently, JNun.com doesn’t have marketing partners. However, in the event that JNun.com develops relationships with marketing partners, personalized data will only be used to contact you from JNun.com or Jason Nunnelley and your personal data will not be sold for direct contact to a third party.

Many websites collect data to share with marketing partners. That is not the goal of any personalized information collected on JNun.com.

We do use a tracking pixel and Google analytics tracking code to provide traffic and visitor information for a general marketing analysis.

Your browsing data may be used to track you on networks owned by Facebook and Google to optimize JNun.com messaging to you directly. Facebook and Google have their own privacy policies regarding that data and its use, and JNun.com or its owner(s) are not in direct control over how that information is used.

If you submit your email, it will be used to communicate with you and you may opt out of those communications any time. That information will not be sold to a third party. It may be used through third party applications like email list service providers or marketing tools to better deliver JNun.com messages.

The owner(s) of JNun.com will do their best to abide by US and international law when possible in relationship to securing your private information or disclosing how your private information is used.